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Hello Suzanne,

This reminds me of an unintended experiment I did awhile ago. For me 16 SPL is now easily attainable form wise, and is my deafault "tune up" or "cool down" spl. I can go lower as well at will sometimes due to force and other times due to letting rate slow down.

last winter after getting started back on p90x3 fitness routine (message me if you are intersted!) I went to the pool and started swimming without a plan. Immediately I swam 14 SPL with no effort...It felt great and I kept it up swimming a 1:30 100yd (SCY) all at 14SPL. Then I was done. I bonked, I could do no more, I was completely trashed!

The strength I had been building in p90x3 felt great to use, but I had not been implementing that strengt in the pool. Normally a 14 SPL 100 would be on the order of 1:50-1:55, so to do so in 1:30 (faster than my pre-TI PR) meant i was accessing all of the DPS that I owned.

Just interesting how our bodies change over time. There was nothing "right or wrong" babout that experience, but then I was faced with goign to the pool and deliberately giving up SPL to swim at a more sustainable DPS, even for faster times. While I was quite capable of swimmign 14s, 15s or 16s...if I want endurance at any speed faster than a 1:40...I need to give something up. It's an informed tradeoff
Have no time for out of pool exercises, but am very interested, what p90x3 is.

Body changes in my years are not always interesting. But I hope there is some room for improvement to the better, not only the doctor's "according to age very well".

How do you decide your tradeoff. (I have to do when want swim faster than 2:00min... and always think after 12 strokes: Shinji's still there and when on the turn: Suzanne's recovered for 20s...)

Thank you very much and best regards,

PS: Your Fast Forward led to all these questions. Although failed many/most of the set's goals it is a highly interesting mixture of TI-like technique training and endurance work (think this part is also TI-proofed).

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