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Hello Charles,

Hmm, I couldn't wait trying a quick but "partial" answer here.
Thankful for all thaughts and posts you put into the forum!

Throughout this endless post, notice that I avoided recommending the SS ramp up test. Not that I had any issues with it so far. But in 2011, I ran a very comprehensive and methodical study on how to gradually increase the rate. In short? The first thing which struck me like a runaway train, is that it takes much much more time than 1min rest "in between" to "master a rate which is problematic". That experiment really changed my view on how to handle this. A lot of time may be required. A full week at best!! The SS ramp up test does an excellent job at telling you what your comfortable and productive rate/dps balance is "today", as of "now". But I wouldn't rely on it for establishing what the ideal rate/balance should be in a near future (as part of a continuous development/improvement).
Every day a ramp up test? Beware! Here another question appears: How to deal with day to day form? The variation in green zone will be OK.. for TI. Or take a tune up start and add your advised five strokes? (This sometimes will lead out of the green zone.) And what's moving me always how to deal with this rising zone of discomfort. Just go to threshold or go above as far as I can? Is this still mindful swimming?

So right there in your question I see that this 1.2 scaring beast is now in the process of being "tamed". I'm not surprised that this didn't happen overnight, and wouldn't be surprise if you required at least 2 weeks, if not a full month, if not more to adapt to a rate which is 2 spm higher, etc... That is what Terry (and other good coaches) refer to neural adaptation. It includes fitness adaptation and neuro-muscular adaptataion.
I argue, wha you call "taming" is more a result of random. Neuro-muscular adaptation in the right way? Or in imprinting new bad habits?

BTW I'm impressed by your numbers Werner. You must be doing a bunch of things right....
Stay honest! At least I hope there is not all bad in my stroke. But exactly that feeling overwhelmes me while swimming at TTs below this (for now?) magic wall 1.2s.

My question in other words: Do I have to deal with that bad, uncomfortable feeling and get used of it, or is there a more comfortable way (in Germany we call it a King's way... in swimming the TI-way?)?

With many thanks and best regards,
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