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Originally Posted by CoachSuzanne View Post
The strength I had been building in p90x3 felt great to use, but I had not been implementing that strengt in the pool. Normally a 14 SPL 100 would be on the order of 1:50-1:55, so to do so in 1:30 (faster than my pre-TI PR) meant i was accessing all of the DPS that I owned.
FWIW, your p90 = my sprints. You better understand now why I would never train a distance person relying solely on typical distance sets. Sprinting, or p90, or any other means of gaining force/power will likely benefit to overall swim performances. So that's "my" big 3 (applied to pool training): Sprint, technique/balance/streamline and distance related fitness (aka CSS). Every component is beneficial for the 2 others. And oh! Dryland acquired strength will not transfer into your swimming, as it is not specific... says who? lol

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