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Originally Posted by madvet View Post
You should kick up (to the sky) not down.
But mr. madvet, I have two legs! LOL

See 3/18/09 thread, "Backstroke:"
Originally Posted by madvet View Post
My biggest problems now:
Keeping my hips from dropping as I pull. It seems like as I pull down I want to kink in the middle.

Kicking: I find it hard to maintain a steady 6 beat kick. I just let the legs do what they want to do, which is a little more active than a 2-beat kick. I think it is necessary to do a more active kick than freestyle in order to get a little higher in the water. But I have trouble maintaining it consistently.
Maybe paying attention to what your down kick is doing may help.

But, what do I know. First "red cross" freestyle teach said I was a natural for backstroke (unconscious competence), but I haven't done the freestyle yet. I'm glad my legs know what to do, because I really hate fins.

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