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Default Pool times vs. OW times

Hi all. I'm well in my 3rd summer of regular OW swimming and a few weeks ago I finally got myself a watch that i can use to time my swims. Previously comfort, feel, straightness, etc were paramount to my OW swims and I had purposely left the pace clock at the pool. My skills have progressed so I decided to try keeping a good pace while I was at it.

I am surprisingly slow in OW. Reliably so.

Dr. Google says it is 500 yards from the boat ramp to the corner of a little rocky island and back. My pace per 100 is nearly 18 seconds slower than in the pool. I've kept that pace for weeks, through different weather, multiple repeats, whatever. It is not just a fluke thing. I finish within 10 seconds from one repeat to the next and the pace translates when I do a few hundred yards more or less.

Is this normal? I recently read in one of the Freestyle threads (Open Water Swim Dissapointment) that 5 seconds/100 is normal for those used to 25 yard pools because of no push off. As I suspected, this 18 second thing seems excessive.

I sight every 20-30 strokes and keep a fairly straight path. I think I have good sighting form. TT is set to the same as used in the pool. The reliability of that pace difference is freaky. Whatever's going on is ingrained, yet its hard to imagine a stroke breakdown of that magnitude. My swim partner doesn't notice anything different from pool vs. ow in watching my stroke.

The only thing I can think of is perceived (and mentally acceptable) level of effort in pool vs. OW.

Thoughts? What are your pool vs. OW pace differences?
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