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Originally Posted by rbs24h View Post
There were times that I kind of felt all over the place, mostly at faster tempos. Slower tempos were very relaxing to do, though my recovery arm was many times cocked and ready to slice...waiting for the beep.

I know exactly what you mean about feeling "all over the place" at first, but I'm doing better with each TT practice--actually my progress toward being comfortable at new tempos has been surprisingly quick.

As for the slower repeats, what you describe above is exactly what happened to me. I adjusted by REALLY slowing down my recovery but making sure the motion never stops, so at slower tempos it feels like super slow motion. I've been paying a lot of attention to recovering as slowly as I can so there's no dead spot in the stroke where I have to pause. That slow recovery also really encourages me to extend my lead arm even further and glide for a longer time, really resisting starting the catch too soon.

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