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Originally Posted by rbs24h View Post
by doing drills like this and trying to keep the same SPL, I can both swim for enjoyment and "flow" while assuming that each of these sets:1) Gets me in the water another session
2) Allows me to use these drills to improve my swimming in each session.
3) Convinces me that over time, practices like these will ultimately make me faster through improvements in balance/form (less drag)/relaxation /technique. Key part of this is "over time". And good news is that I am enjoying TI so much, that it is not urgent that I get fast in the next two months.

I have noted countless times that I design sets like these initially because they hardwire my brain for a pattern that is proven to enhance success in racing -- i.e. the capacity to minimize loss of efficiency (Stroke Length) while increasing Tempo. This neural capacity correlates more strongly with high performance at elite levels than any physiological marker (i.e. VO2max, etc.)

But the far more compelling reason I keep doing them isn't the possibility I might have a great race in 2 or 4 or 6 months, but the fact that sets like this produce a massively enjoyable Flow state TODAY - and every day.

Intrinsic motivation from the quality of your daily experience is the most important effect to produce in practice. The rest will take care of itself.

I watch other people training - Masters teams and people training solo - and ask myself how they can bring themselves to keep doing generic, unfocused exercise day after day.
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