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Originally Posted by tpamperin View Post
Maybe it's best to concentrate first on increasing SL until you are deep into your efficient range (which for my height, I think, is 12-16 SPL). That way when TT work begins, you have more room to trade SL for speed. To do that, I highly recommend sets like the one I described above. Anyone have thoughts on that?

So I started at 1.4 for 25 yds.
1.4 16
1.5 16
1.6 15
1.7 14
1.8 13
1.9 13
2.0 12
2.0 12
1.9 12
1.8 13
1.7 13
1.6 14
1.5 15
1.4 15
So the more I work with TT, the more I get it. There were times that I kind of felt all over the place, mostly at faster tempos. Slower tempos were very relaxing to do, though my recovery arm was many times cocked and ready to slice...waiting for the beep. I think my discovery is that by doing drills like this or the 25/50/75/100 100/75/50/25 and trying to keep the same SPL, I can do both swim for enjoyment and "flow" while assuming that each of these sets:1) Gets me in the water another session
2) Allows me to use these drills to improve my swimming in each session.
3) Convinces me that over time, practices like these will ultimately make me faster through improvements in balance/form (less drag)/relaxation /technique. Key part of this is "over time". And good news is that I am enjoying TI so much, that it is not urgent that I get fast in the next two months. But I can realistically see 10 seconds improvement in 100 splits over a year. I'm cool with that. I couldn't finish 2 laps 6 months ago without standing, or rolling over to my back in a Triathlon race swim.

Thanks Tom, (and Terry too) please keep posting. and Good Luck.

Paul Holcomb
Paul Holcomb
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