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One interesting thing: after doing the TT pyramid slower and faster back to tempo 1.2, I dropped from 15 SPL to 13. When I continued increasing speed to 1.1, 1, 0.9, I held 14, 14, and 15 SPL. So at 0.9, I hit 15 SPL, which is where I started at a TT setting of 1.2.

So, my SPL doesn't increase with faster tempos as much as I expected. As my neurons get used to faster tempos, I'm betting I'll hold SPL even better at these fast tempos. Which is all very exciting!


I have been following your posts since I am about the same height as you. I will give the pyramid workout a try, I think. I feel stuck at 16-17 SPL for 25yd and about 1:55/100. If I push, I can swim a 1:45 or two.
I just started swimming in May and was thrilled that I could swim the
1500m in an Olympic distance Tri within a couple of months after starting TI (at 2:02/100 pace). When I started Tri's this year, I had to stop swimming after 75 yds, I was so tired and I struggled to finish my first couple of Sprint Tri swims. So I am at a crossroad now that TI has provided me with an "all day pace" that I enjoy swimming at in races. Do I do swim "workouts" to try and get faster? My speed "bang for buck" improvements for overall time will come in bike and run so I am tempted to keep swimming just for enjoyment and "flow". Ahh, but I want to be faster too......I'm human. Anyone have thoughts?
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