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Default Neurally-specific Practice 11-14-11

I wouldn't worry about doing neurally-oriented or neurally-specific training. In fact, it's the ONLY kind I do. Here's today's practice. A little background. I returned last Tuesday (Nov 8) from three weeks in Turkey and Israel. I was fortunate to have been able to do over 40km of sea swimming during my 10 days in Israel. But I hadn't practiced for a week prior to today. My last swim was 3.2km in the Mediterranean last Monday Nov 7. For the past five days I've been working our Coach Certification Course in Coral Springs and lacked time (and energy) to practice. We finished the course at 2pm today and 30 minutes later I was in Coral Springs' 50m pool Here's what I did.

Set #1
16 x 100 Asymmetric Tempo Pyramid - counting strokes with a goal of reducing strokes/100.
I swam with the following tempo's
6 x 100 Slowing Tempo - 1.25 - 1.30 - 1.35 - 1.40 - 1.45 - 1.50
I took 77 strokes @ 1.25 which I reduced to 64 strokes @ 1.50.
Then 10 x 100 Progressively Faster Tempo as follows
I took only 73 strokes for 100m @ 1.20

What does this mean with regard to time?
77 strokes @ 1.25 (adding 6 beeps for pushoffs = 1m 43s
73 strokes @ 1.20 = 1m 34s
So 4 fewer strokes and faster tempo resulted in 9 sec improvement in 100m pace.

Set #2
5 x Broken 200 (150 Cruise - Rest 10 beeps - 50 Strong)
I did these @ 1.20-1.23-1.22-1.21-1.20
I generally held 37-38 SPL during the 150s and improved by 3 SPL on the final 50m after resting 10 sec. That final 50 was markedly more effortful.
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