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Originally Posted by Alex-SG View Post
At this stage I think the key issue is slow SR (=2sec) but I am sure the other points highlighted by CoachSusanne are also part of the problem.
Rather than focusing on breathing 100%, I will probably continue the DRILL+SWIM sets while trying to accelerate my stroke rate (->1.7 ->1.5).
The breathing may improve as I get air more frequently.
Having said that, there are a few of us on this forum who swim at low SR and of course face some problems such as lack of constant speed -> little bow wave effect -> forced to lift the head to breath.
I wonder if an experienced TI swimmer/coach is able to maintain a good stroke (technique wise + breathing wise) at SR=1.9/2. Or is it really too slow event for the best? ALEX
Hi Alex,
How are you doing now? Is the one mile goal reached?
In my understanding of Terry's articles of breathing and my practice according to, breath technique shall be the foundation skill of swimming and shall be the one we always practice and improve in the pool.
If you are just starting to swim (say, in less than 6 months), then I would suggest to focus on breath techniques, rather than mixing with SR. I would suggest you to ask yourself several questions:
1)Can I control the bubbling flexibly? (When you stand in the pool, put your face just underwater, and start bubbling. Can you make a freestyle breathing at any rate you want? )
2)Can I breath on both sides? (not in freestyle swimming, just breathing practice as described in question 1)
3)Am I conscious of both stroking and breathing when I am in freestyle swimming? (Just like when dancing, are you conscious of both your feet and your hands?)

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