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Sure thing. Remember not to lift your head keep your chin low. Like freestyle the head position can ruin your body position and in fly that becomes a non-starter. As in difficult to even maintain a single stroke cycle. Do a little experiment with head lift for me if you don't mind. Stand up and put your head and neck in what you would consider a neutral aligned position and take the arms through a stroke cycle noting shoulder stress and mobility. Now take your head/neck out of alignment in a manner you'd consider excessive head lifting. Feel the difference in shoulder stress? You will be shocked how not difficult it is to keep your arms flowing once you consider pushing out the back a no no and get the head flowing with the body(not disconnected). Always try to keep in mind rhythm over 'grrrrrr'. Consistently I see women pick up fly faster than men and I'm not sure why, but my mind keeps going back to guys wanting to make it a 'look how strong I am!' move. Women listen to the instruction and just flow with the undulation. We are big dumb animals sometimes.
I seethe same thing with women and rock climbing. The more a man wants to climb harder the more exhausted his arms get. Women typically let the idea of "pulling" go much faster and can access finesse much more quickly.

My 2nd day of rock climbing in college I out limbed a national champion gymnastic rings athlete. He wanted to pull up the whole climb and I just walked up.
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