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Depends on how your executing your one arm fly. You should be rolling back onto your stomach as your arm completes its wide recovery and be kicking upon entry and once at the completion of the pull. You can do one arm two ways; 1) with opposite arm extended in front which will emphasize the entry and catch of the arm stroke and 2) opposite arm at your side which will emphasize the exit kick as the arm is pulling. Try both methods if you have not they are interesting to play with and feel the difference just as sculling.
In december our club did a 100x100 relay for charity. we had 7 swimmers in our 25 yd lane...5 on the relay and 2 doing it solo, but drafting and changing leads every 500.

I entertained myself by doing an IM 100 every few turns, so I'd swich to 1 arm fly while passing the was really fun to do 2 arm fly, switch to 1 arm to pass (coming the opposite way), then back to 2 arm. I felt like I'd really achieved some (minor) level of proficiency in the stroke.

Playing with strokes is how we learn!
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