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Originally Posted by Donal F View Post!

Found this on Swimmers Daily. I'm fairly sure that I'm a sculler, but "Rajat Mittal, a Johns Hopkins fluid dynamics expert, has found that the deep catch stroke, resembling a paddle, has the edge over sculling, the bent-arm, propeller-inspired motion."
AGreed with the above that the "deep catch" he describes is very much along the lines of what TI teaches. it's been shown in CFD studies that sculling as int he S shaped stroke, does not add an significant forward propulsion.

Traditions are hard to change and fast people still swim with "sub optimal" stroking patterns.

Biomechanics and individuality however factor into the type of stroking that seems to suit different folks.

I grew up a sculler and could not get faster no matter how much I swam. I am now veyr comfortable with a stroke TI style "Deep catch". I've also always gravitated towards more power oriented upper body sports (kayaking, rock climbing).

I have no doubt that there are many folks, women in particular, for whom this simply does not feel comfortable and they gravitate towards the "easier gearing" that sculling allows, even though it wastes energy and is less powerful.

People aren't willing ot make changes unless they realize that something isn't working for them...even if a coach believes that a change may be for the better, then swimmer has to be motivated to make the change.
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