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Default Purpose for a type of fins?

I was not sure where to actually post this thread, so I just put it here.

Anyway, in my thread titled "Buoyancy" in the Freestyle forum, I mentioned that when learning to swim self-taught, I found using fins to be a "crutch" for my need to swim fast enough to stay buoyant enough; instead of actually learning proper technique to address my buoyancy problems. I used Zoomer fins back when I first tried to learn to swim. Yet this morning, I came across a type of fins made by Sporti called "Floating Swim Fins" because of an email sent to me by SwimOutlet (as I am subscribed to their offers) and wonder if anybody knows about these fins as to why they are referred to as "floating".

Due to my buoyancy issues that I currently still have (but working on with the help of some other TI folks), are these going to assist me in conjunction with tips/lessons I am receiving, or just become another possible crutch that I should avoid?

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