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I see several things that look great in your open water attempt. First off, congrats on getting Outside The Box and pushing yourself! Way to go! In the video I saw a nice relaxed forearm coming forward and not splashing the water but going in on its own momentum. It looked like your fingers were spread apart which meant you weren't tense. Your elbow as high and didn't seem to pinch your shoulders, and - although it can't be seen because we're looking at it from above the water - you seem to be rotating just enough just like Terry instructs.

The one problem I see is hand entry. It seems it might be extended a little, not a lot to get a bit more him drive. This could be due to the fact that your wife was shooting from a farther distance, but that's what it looked like too me in the video. Other than that, what I see is two solid years of drills paying off on a man who loves to swim!

Keep up the good work!
Thanks for the encouraging words Naj! I must say, I enjoyed swimming in OW more than I was expecting, but I now live in the UK, and I am not sure I will be doing much OW swimming, at least during the winter. I wish I had done some proper swims when I was living in San Diego.

Looking at the video again, you might be right about the arm entry, I will work on extending it forward a little. One problem I have is that if I do a shallower entry (now I spear at 4 'o clock), I feel I get less from my hip drive, and also I tense up, probably because of not having a great shoulder mobility. So at present, I am arranging my spearing as close as I can to the surface of the water without tensing up.

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