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Originally Posted by efdoucette View Post
I ride low on my weak side with interrupted breathing, okay on my strong side as I can rest / lean on my armpit, not sure that makes sense.
The reason I asked is that the interrupted breathing position is far enough removed from whole stroke swimming that the muscle memories associated with your swimming stroke won't automatically kick in, which will give you a "clean slate" on which to engrain a new set of habits.

The first step is to try to become as comfortable in your interrupted breathing position on your weak side as you are on your strong side. Try to analyze what is different on the two sides and adjust your weak side to become more like your strong side.

The second step is to try to become equally comfortable rolling to your interrupted breathing position on both sides.

Regular breathing just consists of an aborted roll to your interrupted breathing position. Make sure you exhale underwater, then roll just far enough to take in a full breath, then abort the roll, turn your nose toward the bottom, and then continue.

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