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Originally Posted by sclim View Post
OK, so it's the result of the equation that you're working so hard you can't get enough O2 at one breath in 3 strokes, it's got to be one breath per 2 strokes.

Does he have a preference for swimmers to be able to get those breaths on either side? i.e. Must work on being able to do All on the Left, or All on the Right?

Edit: Oh, fully addressed in the later exchange -- I take it Gerry's prohibition was on breathing 1 in 3, not on being able to breathe on either side per se.
No preference he doesn't even press people to breathe to both sides unless they get overly lopsided that is when I hear him say something on occasion. Taht's really just to newer-ish people though he trusts the more experienced people to do what is bringing them the fastest most reliable splits. At least until he sees that it's a detriment.

Exactly I understood Gerry's position to be don't force yourself into 1 breath every 3. Breathing to both sides is a great skill to have for anyone, but especially open water focus.
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