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My goodness those videos from Rodriguez are so full of outstanding information I got a chance to watch the entire library today waiting at the airport. Even though he seems to focus on open water he could translate most of that to Masters pool racing. He addresses the things triathletes rarely want to address and he simplifies the concepts. Also I'm not sure where this quote in on him saying high elbow is overrated. In part 7 he spends a lot of time talking about how to do it and the benefits.
I've seen and like Gerry's lectures, but surprisingly he never mentions minimizing drag profile, only maximizing and simplifying propulsive forces. Propulsive forces and drag forces are not mutually exclusive. Fast swimming doesn't mean faster turnover as perception will lead us to believe. Propulsive forces must exceed resistant forces in order to move forward. Is it better to increase power to overcome resistant forces, or decrease resistant forces to move faster? Terry describes this very well in the following presentation:

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