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Originally Posted by Mike from NS View Post
I agree with your comments RadSwim. Without using fins I would be not have progressed as I have. I'm afraid, however, I have the dreaded "fin dependency" and I'm working to cure that. At least the last 10 minutes of each swim is spent without fins ... and several times during a swim as well. I can feel the dependency lessening. A different balance with and without the fins must be learned.
I too had pretty bad dependency! but I wouldn't have got where I am in my swimming without using them.

I had a pretty frustrating time trying to get through a two day workshop with a really weak kick. Following that I used fins a lot to get through the drills, but found this was holding back the development of good balance. I got over this by 1. cutting my fins down leaving only a few inches beyond my toes, giving me just enough propulsion to drill. 2. Doing a lot of superman glide, fish and skaing without fins, using the wall for push off and then stopping and standing up before pushing off again when I lost momentum
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