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Originally Posted by JohanWJoubert View Post
I thought being stubborn and keep drilling 'struggle' without fins will improve the technique quicker. Well, it made it much worse! I got myself a pair of short fins recently; I still do basic balance drills without them, but use the them for all other drills.

For the FIRST time I experienced what fish-like swimming might be like one day. I now actually get to practice breathing since I have energy to focus on my technique during drills. I'm not kicking-to-stay-alive-because-my-life-REALLY-depends-on-it anymore. I now know that I must exercise rolling more needle-like, for one. But previously I didn't have energy to concentrate and realize where areas for improvement are.

This is by no means 'new' advice. I just thought it is worth confirming that it works (for me)!
Good for you!

Yeah, I noticed that putting fins on a 10 year old helped to by-pass the struggling-to-learn-how-to-kick phase. It also provided a preview of what's possible. It's also fun. Very encouraging experiences.

As the old advice goes, just don't become dependent on the fins.
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