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A really important post YES!

I had a similar experience earlier in the year, my lack of relaxed breathing skill was really holding me back from achieving any distance. After a back to basics breathing one-to-one with TI/Swimshack in the UK, I went from 4 - 8 - 12 - 20 and then 40 lengths in a two week period. And after each session I wanted to go on swimming.

A relaxed stationary breathing exercise were the key to success. This was something I had never tried, although it is on the 02in H20 dvd uts importance can't be over stressed.

Here's the drill - Take a breath, let your head go down into the water, allow air slowly to trickle out to say a count of 5, help it a little and then as you come up expel the remaining air out, the vaccum created in your lungs will bring in new clean air, repeat. Increase the the count gradually and when you trickle air out to a count of 15 you're at genius level, so Ian Smith told me!

When confident I then repeated down the pool in skating position. My breathing to the left is still better than my right but I'm now on the way to bilateral breathing with a lot more confidence.

Not for nothing is it called 'Trickle Breathing'
Nicodemus your post needs keeping in an archive for constant reference.


This sounds a great idea, as this wholes thread is - practice makes perfect as they say !

However, to me breathing is a vicious circle. To breath efficiently we must be relaxed in our stroke, but to stroke efficiently we need to breath correctly ! This is the problem i have, i feel my balance is coming on (head position) but whole stroke falls down because of my breathing, which is having a negative effect on my drills.

This whole thread of relaxed breathing is interesting for all of us who are starting out in TI (6 months)...., to me breathing is THE integral part of TI, because if i cant breath, i cant drill !

I seem to IN too much air, a big "gulp" of air. Therefore, i dont exhale enough, just cant get the correct amount of air in and exhale enough out. But, like is say, practice make perfect and thats what makes us get back in the pool after a frustrating session !!!!

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