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Thanks for all the positive feedback

I think I was just lucky that I connected my daughter's problem to my own. The crazy thing is that this was 3 months after my TI workshop - so for about 12 weeks I failed to identify my own problem. Or, put it another way: I am 47, and have been swimming breaststroke with comfortable breathing most of my life; meanwhile I have been unable to breathe in freestyle.

I think this episode shows how deeply we can hold onto subconscious tension and/or bad habits. Especially if we have been given instructions by an 'authority' such as a swimming coach. I really appreciated Terry's comment about a holistic approach. In this case I had to 'look inside myself' to get in touch with my own breathing.

There is something else I would like to add: I have done a lot of scuba diving. This means I have the experience of breathing comfortably while fully submerged, with no sense of urgency to 'find' the air. For various reasons, divers breath slightly slower and deeper than we would in air; but the key point is you find a natural comfortable pattern. This was the feeling that I wanted us both to have when we did the 'bouncing' exercise.

I saw another post where someone asked about how swim breathing compared to jogging breathing. I think that was such a good question because the person who raised it is trying to relate swimming to something else in his life.

Unfortunately I am really struggling to breathe on my left side - I guess that will be another challenge!
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