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Default Technique is still important !

Originally Posted by Nicodemus View Post

....What I realised is that I needed to take the same comfortable breaths in freestyle as I do in breaststroke. And in particular I noticed that due to tension, I was not exhaling enough. The problem was NOT that I couldn't get enough air in - it was that I needed to get it out. And ironically I was making the problem worse by rushing my breathing - I actually needed to slow it down.

So I started swimming almost in slow motion, with my sole focus on deep(-ish) relaxed natural breathing. ....But then I slowed down even more - determined to finish each length as comfortably as I started it....
Good Luck!
Excellent TIP, thanks for sharing.
We have a number of OPEN WATER "Mina Mile" events coming up here in Dubai. I hope to be able to go all freestyle with your advice.

Just a small comment: Technique is still important.
I have been doing TI drills for 4 months (no LAPs at all). I can feel I can swim a longer distance than before just because my body is more balanced and my position more streamlined.
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