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E + ET = E
"Endolphins" (Endorphins produced when swimming) + Exacting Tasks produces Euphoria.
Thurs Dec 13 - 2500y in 55 min at SUNY NP

Today's practice was another great example of why I find practicing with a focus on finding and improving my Neural Threshold, and guided by the TI Swimming Success Algorithm such an immersive experience. I left the pool with a euphoric buzz, which energizes me for the 'dry' parts of my day. May I be so fortunate as to still experience practice this way in my 90s.

Task #1
Swim 400y continuous, alternating 25FR (13SPL), 25BK (14SPL), 25BR (7SPL). My time was 7:12.
Tuesday I did this same tuneup task in 7:20 and decided I'd repeat it every scy pool practice for the next month or so and see how much I might improve my time -- without increasing exertion, but rather by finding mini- and micro-skills to improve on. Nice progress already.

Task #2
Swim 3 'cascading' rounds of [3 x 50BK descending + 1 x 50FR recovery]
'Cascading' is the term I've coined to describe a series of short sets in which I repeat the same task in each set, but swim a bit faster each time I repeat it.
In each round I swam the 3 x 50s BK as follows #1 - 13+14SPL; #2 14+15SPL; #3 15+16SPL.
I should descend within the round as a matter of course, by adding two strokes to each successive 50. Where the challenge comes in is improving my times in the 2nd and 3rd rounds without adding strokes. Oh, and hitting the prescribed SPLs -- which change every length -- on all 18 laps of BK.
My times
Round 1:
52-51-50 sec.
Round 2: 50-49-48 sec.
Round 3: 49-48-47 sec.

Task #3
Swim 3 'cascading' rounds of 5 x 100 FR on 1:45. Swim EZ 50BK after 1st round and EZ 100BK after 2nd round.
Descend each round. Swim faster in successive rounds.
In each round of 5 x 100 I swam the following stroke counts
52 strokes (13+13+13+13)
53 strokes (13+13+13+14)
54 strokes (13_13+14+14)
55 strokes (13+14+14+14)
56 strokes (14+14+14+14)
My times
Round 1
Descend from 1:30 to 1:23
Round 2 Descend from 1:26 to 1:21
Round 3 Descend from 1:24 to 1:19
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