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Default Today's Task was Hold SPL but get faster. MUCH faster.

Fri Dec 7 2200y in 45 min at SUNY NP

My practice today was designed to be relatively non-taxing since I'm swimming 100 BR, 200 BK and 1000 FR in a Masters meet tomorrow. However I did want a good neural tuner prior to the meet. One of my favorite ways to prime my nervous system before racing is to do an exercise that tests how well I can improve times while holding SPL steady. Today I did that pretty well. In fact better than I ever had, in one set.

I swam only two 1000y sets plus an easy final 200. The first set also functioned as my warmup, but by its end I was moving at a pretty good clip.

Set #1 10 x 100 on 2:00 Modified Medley [25FR+25BK+25BR+25FR]
My goal was to hold an unchanging SPL, then see how much I could descend my times after starting out super-easy.
My SPLs were FR13, BK14, BR7, FR13 - or a total of 47 strokes for the 100. My 1st 100 was 1:53 (note - only 7 seconds rest before sendoff for #2) and my 10th was 1:33.
Descending 20 seconds on a set of 100s--without adding a single stroke--is a new Personal Best for me. Woo hoo.
How far can you descend without changing stroke count? Give it a try -- in any stroke, or a stroke medley.

Set #2 10 x 100 BK on 2:00
Descend 1-4 @14SPL Interval
I descended this set from 1:48 to 1:39
Descend 5-8 @15SPL
I descended these from 1:41 to 1:35
The key here is to descend over a faster range of times when adding one SPL on the 2nd round of 4 x 100.
Swim 2 x 100 Cruise @ 16SPL

Final Swim 200 FR @ 13-14-15-16SPL by 50s. I did this to have an easy swim before showering and to test my ability to seamlessly increase SPL by 1 stroke each 50.
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