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Originally Posted by wheskes View Post
Not a decimal but a "centesimal" (?), from 1.08 during 2/3 weeks to 1.07 and so on. I figure my body will get used to that and by next year I would have improved in a progressive and sensible way.

I live in London. Every year there's something called Swimathon, a charity swim, where you can choose to swim up to 5K and in the process raise money for charity. I did it once 13 years ago, in 1h29'. At the time I wasn't training in a structured way, but I was 13 years younger! I think I can do it though, If I stick to 16' per 1K I'll be bang on, and right now I know I can do that over 3K.

It'll be in a 25m pool… I'd like to do it in a 50m pool but then I'll have to train harder to achieve that time… we'll see next year.

Thank you again Terry.
There seems to be more and more of us in the London area, I think a weekly TI squad meeting could be on the cards soon, or a Sunday meet up in one of the lakes in the Summer. I usually get to Heron Lake near Heathrow when in the UK for a 6.30 dip. Lots of swimmers and finished before breakfast for family people.