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It seems a few of us have been sidelined a bit due to illness injury or both (not to mention 'wacky' schedules) including me. I'm back at it after almost a two week bout with a chest cold and had an itch to do some other strokes practice to help bring me back up to to some more frequent swimming at ever changing and challenging tasks I set for myself in freestyle.

What I'd done last...
10x100 yards (25 yard pool)
Odd 100s backstroke
Even 100s freestyle
On each initial 100 I sought to mark a comfy spl then focused to hold that spl as the set progressed as I sought to increase pace and keep the same comfy feeling. The added challenge for me was in doing the backstroke repeats all with flip turns. Still not pretty I'm sure but feeling more competent in completing them.
I sought to increase pace not by trying harder but 'allowing' myself to continuely adjust (smoothly I'd hoped) and focusing on being as slick and rhythmic as I could. This wasn't a demanding effort, but I feel a place where one should always begin focusing on such a state to assure or better the odds of success in the rest of the practice session.

Set #2 freestyle @ TT setting 1.12
I sought to continue my focus on something exacting and maintain an average spl as distance increased.

Now a switch in gears...
4x100 as
25 fly+ 75 back
50 fly+ 50 back
75 fly+ 25 back
Odd 25 fly Even 25 back
In the first 25 of each stroke I strove to develop a nice rhythm and then maintain that rhythm even if it meant adding a stroke in the longer repeats of each stroke. On the last 25s in backstroke I then tried to lengthen my stroke as I added a bit of oomph on extension.
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