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Default Alternating Free/ I.M.

As I continue to knock off some rust I find that, after a repeated practice set I'd done a while back, I continue to hold my level of control and although a bit off on the efficiency end on Free I did better overall on the others. This being the third session with the other strokes included since last winter. My times weren't 'faster' per se but my ability to attain them simpler, fewer spl.
As with the last few practices my intent is on control, not so much on my times, merely making a mark to base my practices on going forward. Remembering that there is a process to 'climbing back up' the proficiency ladder.

Thursday December 1 YMCA 25 yard pool
Tune up
5x 100 Free (try and hold spl begin @ 13spl, descend)
1:38/ 1:35/ 1:32/ 1:30/ 1:28

I was able to maintain 13-14spl until the third repeat, adding one, then on the 4th and 5th adding two

Warm up
4x50 Back
Feel fluid while shooting for and holding 14spl. On the 3rd and 4th repeats held 14/ 16 spl

3 rds 4x50
I omitted the Back/ Brst portion having swum out of order, doing Brst/ Free so left it out. (Clock showed I wouldn't have time anyway, if I wanted to finish with the last set)

4x50 Fly/ Back 8-7spl/ 14-16spl
:55/ :54/ :53/ :52
4x50 Brst/ Free 8-7spl/ 15spl
:49/ :48/ :48/ :49
I like the control I was able to keep by playing with adding and subtracting strokes, alternating between the two strokes. I.E. on the 3rd and 4th repeat of the first set I took one less stroke on the fly length and added one then two on the Back lengths. Likewise on the second set, the 1st and 4th repeats one less stroke in Brst then one to two less strokes on Free in the middle repeats.

5x100 Free
I initially intended to try and subtract strokes as I descended but opted for the TempoTrainer. I find it much easier to find my optimum combinations of length and rate by guiding myself solely on spl. Much harder at the moment with the TT.

TT 1.20 (1:29)
TT 1.18 (1:29)
TT 1.16 (1:28)
TT 1.14 (1.27)
TT 1.12 (1:25)
Here is where I felt the inefficiency, having marked the same time I received on the 4th repeat but at a tempo of 1.20 in the past. I'll do this portion again and use spl and see what I find. I also could have slowed the tempo, lengthening my stroke and go faster by stroking slower.

4x50 Free
(Continuing the tempo descent to acclimate myself to these tempos again)
TT 1.08> 1.02
Again found it difficult to make any significant gains so will focus on the efficiency/technique aspects a bit more going forward.

I look forward to trying Terry's practice example above, alternating 100 I.M. and Free too.

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