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Default Alternating 100s IM and Free

Tuesday Nov 29 3000 yards at SUNY New Paltz

I started out with the idea that I might do as many as 30 x 100, but possibly fewer. I would continue the set only as long as I felt I could continue 'improving the neural circuit' on the task I set myself
Here's what I swam:
Set #1
5 x 100 IM + 5 x 100 FR
4 x 100 IM + 4 x 100 FR
3 x 100 IM + 3 x 100 FR
I was prepared to continue to swim 2 of each, then 1 of each.
The challenge I set was to
1) Maintain consistent SPL (8FL, 16BK, 8BR, 14FR - also 14SPL on the 100 FR)
2) Descend within each set
3) Descend to a faster time as sets got shorter.
I managed to achieve these goals through the 5x100 and 4x100, but saw my SPL increase on the 3x100 FR, so I decided to end the set there and try again another day to see if I make it through 6 more 100s, going faster.
For the record my final 100 IM was 1:37 and my final 100 FR was 1:20.

Set #2
I replaced the 6 x 100 I opted out of with 3 sets of 4 x 50, aiming to simulate the demands of racing a 200. I did
4 x 50 FR on :45 sec. I held :39 sec @ 29 strokes. I.E.I got only :06 sec rest between 50s. I was pleased with this, but next time will aim to swam at least the 4th 50 faster.
4 x 50 BK on :60 sec. I held 33 strokes and swam :47-:48-:48-:49 sec. Next time I'll strive to at least hold my times consistent.
4 x 50 BR on :65 sec. I held 16 strokes and swim :50-:51-:50-:49 sec. Next time I'll aim to descend from :51 to :48 sec.
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