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Well you didn't have to ask me twice...
And this provided a nice 'surprise' in that my comfort level was better than expected and recovery time afterwards was nil (although I slept like a stone last night). However, I did switch to open turn midway through, because I was beginning to falter on the flips, which provided me with a decent push off on each turn.
I set my TT on 1.40 and managed 14 - 15 spl initially, comfortably. When I began to sense a 16th stroke and then near 17th I cut the peak repeat from 200yds to 150yds and set the TT on 1.42 in the hopes this would help with my feel and patience by slowing my rate just a bit. This worked like a charm and was able to set back on 1.40 for the remainder of the 1st half of set #1 (see above).
I then set the TT on 1.38 for the 2nd half of set #1 and had equal success in maintaining a spl count of 14 - 16; 14 on the truly 'clean' lengths, the feeling one wants to capture for ever.
For set #2 I was equally pleased with my overall feeling and ability to hold 8spl on FL and 15-16spl on BK, having cut the repeat distance to 50s instead of 100s, while trying to maintain the same tempo w/o the TT. On the last repeat I surprised myself with 7spl on FL and 14sp on BK, perhaps because I knew it was the last ; )
What was telling for me was being able to remain fluid through out, important I feel when beginning a transition and important overall. I did not feel any struggle except on the initial flip turns and when my stroke count at a set tempo started to climb on the first half of the first set. I then made a conscious effort to change that to assure my practice remained fluid and rhythmic.
I finished up with a few repeats of freestyle @ 100yds and 13-14 spl
Thanks for the continued guidance, onward and upward...

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