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Default Added 4 strokes per 100 for 600 yd set.

I normally blog about all of my swimming (either here, on my website, or on my training log at beginner triathlete), but thought I'd share this one here as I found it interesting.

the main block of my swim set consisted of 100s in which I deliberately tried to add exactly one stroke per 25, or 4 strokes to each 100 I swam. The first 100 I swam with the slowest recovery arm I could muster without getting "stuck" with the recovery arm not moving. The other arm was extended in a gliding position as long as possible until the recovery arm etnered. After spending 45 minutes or so on very detailed stroke work, as well as a block of time with thd tempo trainer at speeds from 1.20 to 1.40 seconds/stroke my stroke felt really dialed in.

The first 100 I managed to swim in only 51 strokes (12-13 strokes per length). With each subsequent 100, I gradually increased the rate of my recovery arm and tried to add one stroke. Following are my stroke counts for each of the subsequent 100s:

Edited to add...there was rest between teh 100s, it was not a straight set. Long rest, like a minute at least. Every 100 I was temped to not do another because the prevoius one had gone perfectly..I didn't want to mess it up. But I kept going and look how pretty the progressoin is...

First: 51
2nd: 56
3rd: 60
4th: 64
5th: 68
6th: 72

This was the longest set with which I've had this much control over stroke count for that duration, in other words, deliberately choosing my count, and thus my tempo.

For the 6th 100, I used the tempo trainer and set it at a stroke rate of 1 per second and just counted the strokes that resulted. By coincidence, it was exactly 4 strokes more than the previous set...I'd again added exactly 1 stroke per length. Because I know the tempo of the last set, I can add in my original 3 beeps for pushoff, and a max of 5 beeps for turning (was likely 4, but I'll estimate high)...that makes 18 beeps used for pushoffs & turns + the 72 beeps for each stroke = 90 1 second beeps for hte last 100, or a 1:30 pace.

I was happily pleased with the entire set. Give it a shot and see how you fare.
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