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Had a great experience in the pool yesterday I thought I'd share. I was swimming for quite a long time. Took me a while to find my rhythm as I'd taken a couple of rest days following a hard 2 week block of training. During this period the lanes cleared leaving just 2 of us. For variety I was attempting some butterfly drills (poorly) and some full stroke.

The other person started a conversation with me and we began talking freestyle. He was a mature man who had only been swimming a year. He was clearly a thinker with an analytical brain as he told me he has been down to another pool when the local swim club were training to observe the swimmers training and see what they are doing.

We began talking technique and I introduced him to some TI concepts such as thinking of the body as a fuselage cutting its way through the dense water, patient lead hand, good body balance, relaxed forearm/hand entry etc. We've all had someone giving us unsolicited advice but this person welcomed it and I observed a Eureka moment happen right in front of me.

He only swam a few laps afterwards and it was a few too any things to think about at once but he seemed to really like the approach and related it to what he had observed some of the faster pool swimmers doing. I got the impression he was rushing home to look up some TI videos online.

My swim went from being a bit of a struggle breaking out of extended rest day laziness to a hugely satisfying experience. Possibly more than if I'd had a breakthrough myself.

I may well look at coaching courses in the future, either through traditional governing bodies or TI in the future. Great fun!
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