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Originally Posted by dk2943 View Post
I am 67 and swim for exercise. I swim a mile 4 or 5 times a week. I am always looking to improve. Tis forum has been a great help.
I swim in an outdoor pool. My watch recently broke so I just swim the number of laps without knowing how fast
I used to take a breath on every other stroke, always on the left side. Recently, I have been trying to take a breath every other stroke. It feels like this is an improvement. Is this my imagination? Should I revert to a breath every stroke or continue working on every other stroke?
Thanks in advance
Not clear from your description what your recent breathing change is. Used to be every other stroke (i.e. one breath in two strokes, breathing only on the left side), and now you have added in one more breath on the other stroke, i.e. the right side, so now you are breathing on every single stroke, left and right?

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