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I followed what you said earlier -- you didn't necessarily agree that lower SPL gave rise to less exertion, or at least if you are achieving this the wrong way (by exerting more rather than by skill and cleverness -- I'm paraphrasing here) when you drop from 16 to 12-13.

But then you say...

Originally Posted by Tom Pamperin View Post
I have also experienced exactly what Coach Stuart predicted when in a challenging 30 x 50m set (:45/50m pace, :20 rest), I focused on maintaining SPL of 16 or less. I found myself able to do it. Halfway through the set I was hitting 15 SPL. Then 14. I never got tired, and completed the whole set easily, and at lower SPL than planned. So, done correctly, Coach Stuart is right--lower SPL = lower exertion.
So, exactly, how did you achieve this when you couldn't do it before? Obviously you were doing it correctly, with skill rather than more exertion. So was it

1) In the context of the "more challenging set"? i.e. you were distracted by the "more challenging" so, once you were comfortably tuned in, in mid task, you were able to relax and do the skillful adjustments necessary?

2) Because you dropped it gradually 16 to 15, so it didn't disrupt all the other nicely tuned elements of your relaxed efficient stroke, then similarly to 14.

or what???
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