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Originally Posted by machelett View Post
I own the Viiiiva heart rate belt and that's the one I'm currently using with my 310XT. Don't ask me why, I don't use any of the advanced features. It just ended up being this way. I guess I'm a sucker for tech gadgets. :)

The Viiiiva mini sounds very interesting. But I'm not sure I'm getting it. Does "Leave your phone at home and save .fit files." mean that the device it autonomous, i.e., it has memory of its own and stores the data for later download? Or does it merely mean you don't need a Bluetooth phone but you can use your ANT+ compatible device to receive the data during the workout, which would render it at useful or useless as the MIO Link?
It seems 4iiii deliberately kept the language ambiguous.
Haha, low tech like me -- I also use my Viiiiva as a plain vanilla HRM strap (because it's way more comfortable than my old Garmin hard strap), having no particular need for BLE driven apps -- I don't have an iPhone/Pod/Pad etc. Having said that, I'm a little impatient for them to get off their ass and build a functionality for the accelerometer that is built in to the device (they have not advertised this, but this is a built in hardware ace up their sleeve possibly for the future.) I understand their new software upgrade, also unpromoted, takes low power ANT+ signals and boosts them, also in ANT+ but at higher strength, to ensure better ANT+ reception for their Sportiiiis heads up display. I haven't bothered to upgrade yet (I've not had problems with my Sportiiiis).

But the "leave your phone at home and save .fit files" means exactly that. It would store workout information and download to your app or computer later, like a Garmin 60/310XT/910XT etc.

4iiii has a pretty good track record of keeping to its deadlines, which in this case is December 10, or at least close. My guess is that if there is any panic at the company, they would leave out the immediate implementation of downloadable stored workout data, to be upgraded later on by software upgrades as they perfect the implementation. Meanwhile, the breathless consumer gets an actual piece of hardware to unwrap under the tree lol.

The downloaded .fit file from the Viiiiva Mini would only contain heart rate data, mind you, as far as I can see. There is no way, as far as I am aware, currently to combine them in a single record with other physiological parameters of downloaded activity data.
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