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Originally Posted by WFEGb View Post
flying (and building) RC-helicopters, I know small autopilots which are able to help in far more difficult maneuvers than a swim stroke and are able to give back control to neutral in any moment. Well it's leaving the swim-threads-theme.
Well, I have a couple of flight controllers in some drawers myself. Now let me ask you this: How long can you operate such a module with a 2032 battery?
Now compare that to the year and some months you'll get out of a Garmin Swim and you'll see where the difference lies.

Originally Posted by WFEGb View Post
10-15years... If you become aged, you'll find not enough patience for so long. And when I read all the complaints about the Garmin's and Poolmate's software in processing the whatch's datas... That are problems which could be fixed easily. (No confidence to the manufactures in that point.) But as above, it doesn't encourage the thread as it was meant..
I agree with your criticism re: fixing bugs. But that is the world we live in and I have learned to come to terms with it.
The marketing people are stepping on developers' throats to get the latest gadget out in before Christmas, which leaves few resources for correcting existing problems. And the older the device, the less likely it becomes that there will be an update at all.
It is a direct result of our mentality as consumers. If we were willing to pay more for good quality, and punished those who do not deliver, maybe eventually that would result in a cultural change. I don't see that happening, though; even if personally I'm trying to withhold my money from companies that do not meet my standards.

All things considered, I love the Garmin Swim and think it's great value for the money.

Have a nice weekend! :)
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