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When I learned fly, I breathed every cycle because I need air to survive. Then I breathed every 2 cycles and used the non-breathing cycle to adjust body position back to normal. Later I breathed 2 cycles + 1 non-breathing cycle, just showed I am different :) Now I breathe every cycle.

Originally Posted by CharlesCouturier View Post
The task should be to teach the fly stroke in a way to aim at great speed and ease breathing every stroke.
Absolutly! I would like to put an emphasis on the word 'ease'. Then we can play around with the other components of fly.

I agree with you the head shall perform an upward tilt in every cycle. As the body travel forward in a 'S' shape path, the head must be adjusted to smooth the body undulation especially for the body upward path. My head tilts up a small angle, say my eyes look at 3 feet ahead of freestyle position. I amaze that it sends a signal to the body forming a wide 'U' shape for the 2nd kick. If my head tilts downward in the body upward path, it will dampen the effect of 2nd kick.

Try to look up through the hole that your body will open when surfacing, before surfacing. In other words, before surfacing your upper body is submerged in the water right? When you surface, your body creates a hole in the water, a hole through which it will slide out to surface and breathe.
If I do it, the incline angle of body to the water surface is too large and it affects the recovery. I notice that an optimal angle can give me a relax recovery and entry. I try to get the benefits of recovery and entry as we do in freestyle.

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