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Hello haschu33,

glad to read a new post! Hope you're back in the forum and you got rid of your shoulder impingement. If so, let us meet and video each other next weeks...

...I think I know what you mean, Werner, and I have an idea about it, I don't know if it helps...
Sure your post hits exactly the nail's head. As wrote in my other answers, still unsecure if the right cure is found. TI showed us, the FS-stroke is a highly complicated matter. In my very slow SRs I developed a feeling, having at least one more or less tiny aspect under control. And this feeling vanishes at higher SRs completely.

In your post and as we met you said, you often go down or better even start the TT with settings below 1.0s. Think I have to develop the confidence, not everything of the stroke will fall appart with that setting. Don't have time to think about when Swimming. The TT prevents. The doubts come after.

Let us read more of your deep thaughts.

Thank you very much and best regards,
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