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Originally Posted by dwag4life View Post

Thanks for the tip! And for the nice mental image, haha. Also this is an interesting article, even though it's cycling, about a young man who was able to completely eliminate taking medication for his ADHD through cycling. It also explains the science of what exercise can do for the brain as well.,6...1050-2,00.html
Brilliant article. According to the article, cycling, swimming, and running are the best sports for ADHD people. I'm curious about what happens to ADHD tri-athletes after they "retire."

"And it's not just any exercise. Some activities are better brain boosters, and cycling is one of the best. David Conant-Norville, MD, a psychiatrist in Beaverton, Oregon, who specializes in adolescents and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, recently surveyed his colleagues about the best and worst sports for athletes with ADHD. Cycling, swimming and running are tops. At the bottom are soccer, hockey and baseball. The best sports demanded constant physical exertion and a suite of technical movements that engaged brain functions dealing with balance, timing, error correction, decision-making and focus."
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