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quote by "as":
perhaps we can evoke the complication a bit more and suppose that the daily chatty ego might not be "fake" but rather "figment" or "fragment". then the quest changes direction - from crushing ego to working with ego. this sounds much more like TI, like "art of imperfection", like the kinds of folks who would spend a lot of time to add 1% of efficiency to something that dolphins already do with 80% efficiency, people who emphasize perception, elegance, and enjoyment.

I like the distinction of working with rather than crushing. It speaks to the same idea as "embrace the enemy". A mindset of "working with" as in mindfulness rather than cooperation or in alliance with (the ego) allows a quieter space to do the work.
Others have said this in other ways. This has been a wonderful thread.
May we swim with ease at the speeds we choose.
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