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Originally Posted by waulylee View Post
I am looking for any suggestions on how to overcome the anxiety and panic I feel when I get far enough out in the lake that I cannot see bottom and everything looks dark. I live in Wisconsin and all the lakes here are dark water. I'm fine in the pool - but panic when I get into the lakes.
I'm in Wisconsin, too--I know what you mean. The water's clean but the tannin makes it dark.

I get a little panicky every year at the start of open water season myself, even though I've done lots of events up to 10 miles. I've learned to be patient with myself in the spring. I know that I'll be a little more comfortable out there with each session, so I try to notice the discomfort I feel without judging it as "bad." More like, "Huh, I notice I'm a bit scared today, not swimming as well as usual. The same thing happened last year. I wonder how many sessions it'll take before that goes away this year?" I just accept that I'll be a bit uncomfortable out there for a few sessions and get on with the swimming.

After a while, open water becomes comfortable and I start to hate pool days where you hit that wall every 25m...

Good luck!
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