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Hunted for this thread today looking for a definition of CSS (normally Critical Swim Speed I think though combat swimming sounds fun!), so thanks Werner for putting the glossary together. I just wish Terry would make it a sticky thread! :)

While I'm here I thought I'd extract the entries you have question marks against and add some input fwiw

Originally Posted by WFEGb View Post

BCD: ??
BQ: ??
EVL: ??
FB: FeedBack(?), Facebook(?)
HIM: ??
NLP: ???
OCD: ???
OMG: Oh, My God (?)
OR: Olympic Record (?)
OWS: Open Water Swim (?)
ROI: ???
s2bf: A forum member -- (Swim to Be Free?)
SC: Stroke Count (TI: Every spear starts a new stroke; no matter which side | Garmin: Every spear with your watch arm starts a new stroke)
SDI: Speed Decline Index (?)
TMMV: ??
w/s: ???
I think the question marks for FB and OR could be got rid of. The s2bf entry could be deleted imo.
NLP often means Neuro Linguistic Programming (a very commercially successful bit of scientific mumbo jumbo)
OCD can refer to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
OMG and OWS I have no alternative to the ones you give, but I wouldn't encourage the use of OWS so I'd delete it! :D
ROI often means Return on Investment (I've a bad feeling I'm responsible for introducing some of these).

Thanks again
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