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Default Backstroke - and FR - with Tempo Trainer

Sunday Nov 25 - 2500y at Coral Springs Aquatic Complex

Today's practice was fairly simple in design--just two sets--but difficult to execute. My main focus was to see how much I could advance tempo in BK with out adding strokes to my initial count. I know that adapting to increased tempo is my #1 priority if I wish to swim the 200BK (the main BK event in which I'm interested) and my BK split in 200-400 IM faster. My stroke is pretty efficient -- I can maintain 15-16 SPL (that's with glide pushoff which emphasizes energy savings and streamlining, not kicking) -- but have mainly swum at fairly slow tempos.
Tuneup Set 500 [25FR/25BK] at 13/15 SPL
Main Set 8 x 250 [25FR/25BK] with increasing tempo by .01 on each

I started at a tempo of 1.30 and maintained a constant stroke count of 13SPL for FR and 16SPL for BK as I increased tempo by .01 each 250, to a final tempo of 1.23. I finally added one stroke (to 14FR and 17BK) on the final 50 of my 8th 250. That told me the set was over.

This set gives me several metrics for building on in future sets. I could increase tempo still more, but instead I'll probably make it more backstroke-centric (since this is my Month of Backstroke Improvement).
A simple adjustment would be to swim my next set of 250s as 3 rounds of
25FR/50BK and finish with a 25FR. That would shift the balance from 5 laps of FR and 5 of BK to 4 laps of FR and 6 of BK, but the more significant change would be the challenge of holding 16SPL for 50y, instead of 25.
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