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Originally Posted by sasquatch View Post
I usually only get chilled upon exit when air temps are also low. I don't imagine the shirt would help with that anyway.
Thanks for the info.

Only if you don it afterwards, perhaps, but any ol' sweatshirt would do. You're a cold water beast already!
My longest duration in 57-58F was approx. one hour, will have to go longer. Water temps here are still holding @ approx. 61-62F which, even on a somewhat cloudy day, makes for a pleasant experience. There's nothing nicer than the shine and warmth of the sun on your face during a cool swim. When it hides behind clouds it does become a 'challenge' in chilly temps, I agree.
Maybe experiment with your intake i.e. hot nutrition and liquids, before, during and after?
A mobile hot tub would be a great help/motivator!
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