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Default Minimum vs. Normal TI Training session...

A few months back I stopped Swimming and doing drills for 1 month. The result of that was an increase in my SPL (Strokes per Lenght) from 15 to 17. It took me 1-2 weeks of training to recover my previous SPL.

So it looks like we need to continue to practice regularly to improve or at least maintain our TI stroke.

I wonder if there is such thing as a "MINIMUM Training Session" to at least maintain the TI stroke and a "NORMAL Training session" that leads to improvement.

Why ask this question?
Some days I have 1 full hour in the pool which allows me to Drill (20 LAPs) + Drill/Swim (8 Laps). I believe this leads to improvement since I can transfer the Drill learning to the Stroke

Some other days on the other hand I come back from work late and I only have 15-20min in the pool. All I can do is Drill 6 LAPs + Drill/Swim 2 Laps.
Is this sufficient for maintenance mode?

a. What do you think is a Minimum Training session just to ensure the body/mind does not "forget"?

b. How about a Normal training session for improvement?

Perhaps if you can answer these questions both in terms of frequency of sessions per week and what goes into each session that would be great. Thanks in advance. ALEX
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