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Originally Posted by Alex-SG View Post
In fact I wonder if the "TI Champions" have "a zero gap".

What do you think? ALEX
One of the essential ingredients of Examined Swimming (called Deliberate Practice in the various books/studies of the pursuit of excellence or mastery) is to create feedback loops that measure improvement, and allow for meaningful comparison or analysis of one practice option vs. another.

Early in my own TI practice, some 20 years ago, I did precisely what you are now doing. Counted SPL for whole stroke prior to one drill, the counted again after practicing the drill. Repeated the process for another drill, etc.

I did the same kind of gap analysis for various Stroke Thoughts.
What SPL did I achieve when I focused on
- neutral head position
- extending body line
- minimizing bubbles or noise
- exaggerated overlap (now would say more patient hand)
- etc.

During my first 15 years of TI, there was often some kind of gap. Over time the size of the gap diminished. For the last several years, the gap occasions have become relatively rare. This signifies that my form has matured and stabilized. That's a good thing.
Now if there's a change in my SPL it's because I intended it. And I can consistently hit any of the SPLs within my range. I push off with an intention to take a particular number of strokes. At the end of the swim I nearly always have taken my intended number.

Keep up the thoughtful, purposeful practice.

PS: Are you in Germany? If so, spread word that we plan to hold a TI-US organized series of TI lessons and TI teacher training there in August.
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