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Originally Posted by Richardsk View Post
Here's Hill Taylor showing how it could be done if the rules were changed.
This is unbelievable!!! This is what I'm talking about!

I notice that in comparison to Misty, this swimmer does not move his arms much at all....his chest moves just slightly more.....The undulating action seems mostly legs....I guess you have to view this as the power coming primarily from the core (hips), with the legs moving most of all.

I really do believe that this technique should be taught as "the 5th stroke"....In fact, I would bet that this technique separates the elite swimmers from the mediocre ones....even though this is more applicable to breast stroke and butterfly.

This reminds me of something that Terry learned a while back about the swimmers he was coaching....that they travelled faster in the beginning of their lap then when they actually began stroking...It demonstrates a very powerful principal....That in swimming sometimes less is more....If humans could breathe underwater, then I bet most humans would be swimming this way!
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