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Default Underwater-Backward Dolphin Kick??

I am wanting to improve my underwater dolphin kick and I want to mention some things that I have heard about it. Please correct me if what I've heard is wrong!....
I've heard that there was a backstroke swimmer who was setting world records by swimming most of the distance doing the Underwater-Backward Dolphin Kick?....and that new rules had to be implemented to limit how far swimmers go underwater before reaching the surface to stroke....
To me it seems that if this is true, then the name of the Freestyle stroke should be renamed the forward crawl because freestyle should mean that you can swim anyway you want.....
Is it true that this is basically the fastest way to swim?? Without actually taking a stroke and just holding your breath and undulating the whole way?
I can't swim very fast this way, but I would like to learn. Any possibility on creating a DVD or instruction on this specialty? It would seem to me that this is a very important skill that all the fastest swimmers seem to share.
I would love feedback on this!!
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