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Interesting question and thread. I have been mostly doing 1600m to 2000m crawl swims. I bought a Swimovate and a small clock. Not all the lanes have a clear view of a clock, and sometimes my goggles fog up, so I leave the clock at the end of the lane where I can easily see it. I swim for a given time, and let the watch count my laps and calculate my time per 100m. That frees me from counting laps. I breathe to alternate sides on alternate lengths to work both sides of my body equally. Once every two weeks I do a workout of Breast, Back and Fly.

After a good summer, I feel comfortable at those distances, but I haven't been getting faster. The TI diagonal kick timing feels good, but sometimes my legs feel too deep. I'm wondering if my head is too high. I have a good videocam with an u/w housing. My wife filmed me quite a few years ago, and was just trying to talk her into filming me again, if the club allows it.
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